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Men in Dance

Something we are very passionate about here at Choreography Wire is diversity in dance. We love to see people from all walks of life living out their dancing dreams! So we are featuring some incredible male dancers in the professional dance team world that really embody power, positivity, and are living their best lives!

IG handle: DancingDyll

"I’m so glad I kept pursuing dance in an unconventional way because it has taught me to never stop fighting for what I want to achieve."

Q: How did you start dancing?

A: I am self-taught! I always wanted to take dance classes but was never allowed when I was younger. Being from a small town in the South made it difficult to want to do something so out of the norm, but as soon as I could, I would watch YouTube videos to learn how to tumble. I would practice on my trampoline and then move to the ground when I felt confident in a new skill. Fast forward to college, I made LSU Cheerleading and then knew I wasn’t done performing after that. I enrolled in a few dance classes at LSU and used my natural abilities and hard work to catch up on lost time. I’m so glad I kept pursuing dance in an unconventional way because it has taught me to never stop fighting for what I want to achieve.

Q: What makes dance special for you?

A: The fact that I wasn’t able to dance growing up makes it so special to me because it isn’t something I was able to enjoy until my adult life. I’ve learned to never take one second of training, practicing, or performing for granted because I spent so much of my life without it. The feeling of entertaining a crowd is unlike anything else!

Q: What is your favorite memory in your career so far?

A: I’ve had many, many instances when parents have reached out to me after their son saw me dancing on the field. It is absolutely the biggest motivator for why I do what I do. I started out dancing for myself because I never got to as a kid, and now I continue performing to show other kids that there is no right path to becoming a pro-dancer! My favorite moments have been fully realizing that a child seeing me on the field gives them hope and a new dream to dance!

Q: Is there anyone along the way you would want to give thanks or recognition to that contributed to the person you are today, professionally?

A: Professionally, I’d like to thank Maggie DeWitt. She is my coach, boss, mentor, and friend. She has pushed and encouraged me endlessly since the beginning of my pro-dance journey. Maggie was my coach during my Rookie season and always had great advice and feedback, and she lifted me up when I performed well. She’s still one of my current coaches, but she’s pushed me to get into teaching dance in the New Orleans area. I was hesitant but she wanted me on her teaching staff, and Maggie gave me the extra confidence to just go for it. After more than a year, her studio is thriving and I enjoy teaching hip hop and jazz-funk to other new dancers who also are discovering dance in their adult life. It’s definitely a full circle moment!

Q: If you could tell one piece of advice to a fellow male dancer looking to break into the industry, what would it be?

A: My best advice for other male dancers: Don’t. Ever. Stop. Don’t ever stop being yourself. Don’t ever stop practicing. Don’t ever stop trying. Don’t ever stop auditioning. Don’t ever stop hyping yourself up! You are divine just the way you are and the industry will try to change you, but stick to your heart and you will end up right where you need to be. Your time is coming. Be genuine in everything you do, work hard always, and you will be unstoppable!

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