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New Year, New Intentions

A great way to get back into the swing of the new year after a break in your season is to set some intentions. And the best time of year to do it is a time when you're already setting new goals and resolutions!

Why are intentions important?

"Being honest with yourself about your current condition and the distance to your preferred situation is key to improvement. And being intentional about how you want to grow and develop will help you achieve results. This intentionality will also contribute to your happiness and fulfillment. When you’re moving forward with clear direction, you make a positive contribution to your emotional and mental health." - Forbes

Inspire each other, push yourselves just the right amount, and ask for the support of your teammates and coaches. Let's make 2022 the best year yet. And if you're feeling up to it, make it a team event and share with each other; even make a poster board!

Here are some resolutions to get you started:

  1. Attain __________ (specific trick or technique milestone like quadruple pirouette, left splits, double leg turn).

  2. Take more yoga.

  3. Drink more water.

  4. Get to know 3 new teammates.

  5. Say "thank you" every day.

  6. Pack my dance bag every night before bed.

  7. Stretch for ___ minutes on the weekends.

  8. Always do arms full-out.

  9. Practice facials every time.

  10. Have a team bonding sleepover.

  11. Ask Coach for more feedback.

  12. Eat less sugar.

  13. Take a cycling class.

  14. Plan my week every Sunday.

  15. Meditate on Wednesdays.

  16. Practice visualizing more.

  17. Spend less time on the phone.

  18. Take social media detox breaks once a month.

  19. Make a fun TikTok as a team.

  20. Choreograph a halftime performance!

The last tip, try to avoid "stop" language like; "stop marking my arms." Try to write your goals with a specific measurement like "do my arms full-out every practice" The more positive and clear you are with your goals the more likely you are to attain them.




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