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Hot Take: This Generation Is Not Lazy

I’ve been hearing the buzz. “How can I get my lazy students to work hard?”

While the short answer is: that this generation is not lazy. I want to work on the mindset that this centers around. Consider the level of talent now compared to 20 years ago. The grit and commitment required to participate now is astronomical. Coaches often are coming from a generation when Spirit was a “hobby.” The level of commitment to competitions, performances, skill, and accomplishment was much more flexible.

We demand more than ever from this generation but haven’t adjusted how we coach and motivate those athletes.

So what can we do about it? Here are some quick tips.

  1. Make expectations very clear. What is expected of you as a coach, from your leaders? What is the day-to-day expectation of the team? And be open and honest about the pros and cons. Gen Z favors realism over idealism.

  2. On that note, make your auditions a longer process. 1 to 2 days isn’t long enough to paint an accurate picture. Auditions should last at least a whole week.

  3. Offer flexibility to excel in areas they are passionate about. Are you interested in leading, choreographing, game day, or competition? Give them the opportunity to be subject matter experts.

  4. Offer the opportunity to get and give feedback. You will learn so much about your team, their aspirations, and their personality by having time to connect, plan, and review.

The gifts and benefits this generation offers:

  • Willing to invest in their futures and their team

  • Stability is a motivator for them.

  • The most tech-savvy (great for your website and social media)

  • Very ambitious and tend to over-achieve when passionate

  • Quick to leave situations that are not in their best interest

  • Able to multi-task beyond any other generation.

Instead of asking what’s wrong with our kids, let’s ask how we can adapt to what they need. They are just evolving, we have to evolve with them.

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