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Gioia was a competition kid and on her high school poms team. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in dance, and was on various hip hop crews throughout college. She has back-up dance experience, and has performed with Michael Franti & Spearhead, Chingy, and local Florida artists. After graduating, she moved out to Denver where she has been a Denver Broncos Cheerleader for the last four seasons, as well as a team captain! As a dance instructor, she teaches jazz, hip hop, tap, contemporary, and pom.


Fun Fact: She cheered the Broncos on to their Super Bowl 50 victory! 

FROM: Tampa, FL


COLLEGE: University of Central Florida

PRO: Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

CW ROUTINES: Camp 2018, Camp 2019, DMX MIX


Caitlin is from Colorado where she was on the Rock Canyon Varsity Poms team. She then went on to earn a scholarship at University of Memphis as a member of the dance team. She went on to win two National Titles with the team and was team captain. Professionally she went on to dance for the Memphis Grizzlies for 5 seasons before accepting a job as the University of Denver Dance Coach. 

Fun Fact: She works with social-influencers in New York!



FROM: South Denver, CO

RESIDES: New York + Denver

COLLEGE: University of Memphis

PRO: Memphis Grizzlies

CW ROUTINES: Camp 2018


Valerie Ying

Valerie grew up dancing and competing at a studio in Northern California until high school when she joined her school’s Dance/Drill team. Valerie graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California (USC) and was a 4-year member of the basketball dance team - Trojan Dance Force - as well as the team’s first and only 2-year captain. After graduating USC, she continued her dance career, dancing professionally for both the NBA and NFL with the Los Angeles Lakers and then the Los Angeles Rams their first year back in LA. Valerie spent two amazing years in Denver where she first started working with Choreowire. Valerie is now back in LA, works in marketing and is the JV Dance Coach at Notre Dame High School.

Fun fact: When Valerie lived in Denver and taught at Cherry Creek Dance for a while.


FROM: California

RESIDES: Los Angeles


PRO: LA Lakers, LA Rams

CW ROUTINES: Camp 2018, Camp 2019, Call Me Mother


Becca is originally from Minnesota but was raised here in Colorado. She danced in studios growing up and for her high schools dance team. Professionally she danced for Arizona’s  AFL team the Arizona Rattlers for one season in 2012 and also for the Denver Nuggets for 6 seasons. While dancing for the Nuggets she traveled around the world to China, Mexico, Canada and London.  She is now currently a preschool teacher and enjoys taking dance classes for fun! 

Fun Fact: She was the Nuggets' All Star Rep in 2016!



FROM: Minnesota



PRO: Denver Nuggets, Arizona Rattlers

CW ROUTINES: Camp 2019, Bring Em Out, Beyonce Mix


JOZIE martinez

Jozie is from Omaha, Nebraska but has always had her heart set on moving to the mountains! She recently completed her 5th season with the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders where she was their 2020 Pro Bowl Representative, a 2-time Captain, and the 2017 DBC of the Year. Previously, she spent 2 seasons with the Colorado Mammoth as a Wild Bunch Dancer and a season on the Colorado Rockies’ Rally Crew. Jozie has choreographed across the Midwest for High Schools, Colleges, Studios and has been awarded choreography awards across the board

Fun fact: Jozie is passionate about the GDS Foundation and the important work they do. 


FROM: Omaha


COLLEGE: Hastings

PRO: Colorado Mammoth, Denver Broncos

CW ROUTINES: Camp 2019, Back in Black


Danni Simon fell in love with dance at a very young age. She began teaching and directing hip hop classes and companies at various studios in 2014. She continues to learn, take class, teach, perform, and participate at events and gigs around Colorado. She loves watching people grow through dance and always looks forward to sharing her love for it!

Fun fact: Danni danced for DaBaby in Denver!



FROM: Colorado

RESIDES: Boulder

OCCUPATION: Dance Instructor, Choreographer

CW ROUTINES: Is You Ready?


Sammy danced all four years at Golden High School and all four years as a Sugar Bear at the University of Northern Colorado. With 5 years as an NDA Instructor she has choreographed some curriculum for them and various teams in the United States. Sammy was also invited to choreograph for the Colorado Eagles Chicks and other Colorado High School teams. 

Fun fact: Sammy is from Golden, CO.


Samantha McConnell

FROM: Colorado

RESIDES: Colorado


CW ROUTINES: Bites the Dust, 



Marisa Martin graduated from Texas Tech in 2019 as a 4 year member of the Texas Tech Pom Squad. During her time on the team she became a 4X NDA National Champion and was awarded Most Valuable Player. As a 5th year NDA instructor she has traveled the country to choreograph and train multiple high school and college dance teams. Marisa has a passion for bringing a fresh style to high school and college game-day/ competition routines. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA and is pursuing her career in dance and fitness. 



Fun Fact: Marisa has performed in the Chinese Tourism Festival in Shanghai, China. 

Marisa Martin


RESIDES: Los Angeles

COLLEGE: Texas Tech

Specializes in Comp Choreo! 

Image 1-25-18 at 3.49 PM.JPG

Jana started dancing in Cherry Creek. She was a studio girl who made the move to dance team in 2009. Since then she has grown her own program in Denver, and worked with countless teams in the area and beyond. Jana brings a new vibe to every routine and has been breathing life into Choreowire since 2017. When she isn't dancing she is running after her 1-year-old daughter, Roman. 

Fun fact: Super Bowl 50 Champ!


FROM: Colorado



PRO: Denver Outlaws, Denver Nuggets, Denver Broncos


Welcome to the Jungle

Crank It Up


My Type Remix


Going Bad

Migos Mix


Blow Your Mind

Betta Watch Yourself

Bring Back the Mic Drop




Camp 2018, Camp 2019

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