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An NFL style quarter-break routine and we are breaking out the cowboy hats! Choreowire owner, Jana originally made this routine for the Denver Outlaws dancers wanted it to be available for you! This routine demands some showmanship to really inspire your country fans. There is a right leap and lots of hair whips in this one, and a nice AB/BA repeat. Feel free to ditch the hats and dance with poms too. Check out the demo video here


Check out the music demo here.


This download must take place on a desktop computer. In this download you will get:

(1) the music file

(2) a video from the front to music

(3) a video with counts from the front and the back

  • Tech Specs


    In order to complete this download you will need access to a desktop computer. This download includes a video with instruction, a video with music, and a music file. Additionally, you will receive the music file that accompanies the dance. By purchasing this item you agree the creative license resides with Choreography Wire, LLC and you will not re-distribute.

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