Banquet Celebration Ideas

Banquets are one of the most anticipated events of your season! So here are some first-hand successful ideas we want to share WITH YOU!

End Of Year Gifts

Consider gifts based on tenure! This creates a tradition that is easy to start but also gets your members excited for the gift as a sign of their accomplishment for the season!

Here are some great ideas:


  • Necklace with team mascot

2nd-year veterans:

  • A custom engraved ring

  • A charm to go with a first-year gift

3rd-year veterans:

  • A custom engraved ring

  • Key chains with team poms or custom elements

Seniors/4th-year veterans:

  • Spirit jerseys for seniors/retirees that say “Alumni”

  • A retired piece of a team uniform

  • **Framed collages put together by the team

  • **Crystal plaque with name and years on the team listed

  • **Plaque with a picture of the dancer performing or headshot with years on the team listed

**great captain gifts too!


Most Motivational/Inspirational – Who is the one team member that makes you want to be a better teammate, student, and friend?

Legacy Award – Who embodies your team’s legacy?

Most Improved – They have shown tremendous strides in her willingness to go outside the box and their dance ability has improved the most on the team.

Miss Congeniality – They are the most personable on the team. They make you want to open up and you want to be around them. They are nice to everyone they come across and never have a bad thing to say.

Technique Master – Who is the dancer who can do turns for days, leap for miles, and shows tremendous strength in their technique!

Rookie of the Year – Have they shocked you? Impressed you? Who on the team out of the new members has gone above and beyond the call of duty?

Dancer of the Year – They are well-rounded as a dancer and embodies all other categories. They are a good student, a good friend, a good leader, and a great dancer and performer.

Humor Award! – Their laughter is infectious and they make a tough practice easier!

Other fun ideas:

DIY Photobooth - We live in a digital world! Let your team mark the event with tons of photos! (Links to shop: Cam Stand, Booth Prop, Drop Background)

Acknowledge academic excellence if you are a scholastic program by featuring them in a presentation or giving small gift cards for coffee, ice cream, etc.

Favor gift bags with lipsticks, candy, tumblers, hair ties, lip balm, lotion, perfume rollers, etc.

Youtube Playlist: Consider watching all performances and create a youtube playlist to watch during dinner.

Spotify Playlist: This is a task you can give to captains, create a celebration playlist to play at the beginning and end of your event.

Last but not least? Need a great source for an amazing presentation template? Canva! Happy celebrating!


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