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"Active Rest" During School Breaks

We all know what's coming - NATIONALS! And during winter break every coach worries their dancers are going to burn out and stop making progress. That first practice after a break is a scary day. It's full of anticipation and nerves - but not usually the fun ones. So let's talk "active rest."

First tip: Manage the expectation

Make sure your dancers know exactly what to expect and work toward when they are on break.

Second: Build some accountability

Assign a partner to check in with throughout the break. Having a person to check in with makes it more personal, more fun, and encourages participation

Third: Send a sample schedule

Be specific about what dates they should plan to do an activity and what it should be. For example - they should expect to have a few "do nothing" days and to enjoy them fully!

Week One

Monday: Arm + Ab work out (20 minutes)

Tuesday: Rehearse National Pom Routine (15-30 minutes)

Wednesday: 20-30 mins of cardio

Thursday: Rehearse National Hip Hop Routine (15-30 minutes)

Friday: DAY OFF

Saturday: DAY OFF

Sunday: 20-minute full-body stretch

Week Two:

Monday: Work on jumps (15 mins) work on turns (15 mins)

Tuesday: Rehearse National Routines (30 minutes)

Wednesday: DAY OFF

Thursday: DAY OFF

Friday: Leg day! (25 minutes)

Saturday: 10-minute mindset meditation

Sunday: 20-minute full-body stretch - Prep for your week back!

Have a wonderful, productive break!

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