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Pre-Competition Rituals!

Bonding has never been so rewarding!

Looking for a fun way to bond at the competitions? I've got your back. Here are 3 detailed ideas you'll go ga-ga for!

Team Bingo!

Send an email out to the team asking for 3 facts about themselves. You can categorize it according to theme or intensity. Let's say you'd like one fact about them as a young kid, one about them as a dancer, and the other something no one would ever guess! (This is also a great way for coaches to get to know their dancers as well!) Assemble a Bingo grid! At a predetermined event before competition set aside some time to play the game and JUST HAVE FUN! Hand out pens/markers, and play for a BLACKOUT! Here's a cute and simple example.

Mix + Match Mash-Up!

Think of it like that fun Jimmy Fallon game where they pull two categories and have to sing! Now, make it dance! One category could be a profession like a football player, dentist, astronaut and the other can be styles of dance like hip hop, ballet, lyrical. Now... dance ballet like a football player. You can even add an element like charades and make the teams guess the word(s)!

Relay Race!

This is a crowd favorite. My suggestion would be to do it at a sleepover like Nationals or State. Head to the dollar store for this one to come up with even more ideas but here's what I suggest to start:

  1. Chug a glass of water or (zero sugar) Gatorade!

  2. The next person has to blow up a balloon, tie it off, and two members have to pop it with no hands or feet!

  3. Next task, the team has to wrap a person with toilet paper like a mummy. This person has to run down the hallway and back losing the least amount of toilet paper.

  4. Next, grab a water gun and shoot down the paper cups set up on a table (outside).

  5. Egg hunt anyone? Hide 5 eggs separated by color (red for team one, blue for team 2) for each team. The eggs contain clues!

  6. Use the clues as charades that the team has to guess correctly. It's a whole lot of fun if the clues are team-related. Perhaps a routine, a sideline, your coach, a principal, etc.

If you like what you read, please share this post! And if you do any of these fun ideas I'd love to see them! Post on IG and tag us @choreowire!


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