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Men in Dance vol 2

Something we are very passionate about here at Choreography Wire is diversity in dance. We love to see people from all walks of life living out their dancing dreams! So we are featuring some incredible male dancers in the professional dance team world that really embody power, positivity, and are living their best lives!

IG handle: itskylerush

"Be ready to show up and SHOW OUT!"

Q: How did you start dancing?

A: I fell in love with dance and music at a very early age. My grandmother was a group fitness instructor and at three years old. I would sit and watch her teach classes, which I continued to do for several years. Many times I refused to be in the “kids area” and instead wanted to be front row, moving with all the adults. Watching my grandmother teach movement and inspire others to be a better version of themselves, motivated me to follow in similar footsteps. It was only a few years later that I was gathering my neighborhood friends and teaching them dance routines. By age 13, I was running my own competition program of 50 kids around my hometown, Coalinga.

Q: What makes dance special for you?

A: Dance is special to me because it has become my escape, my therapy, my passion, and most certainly it’s always been my first love. Dance has brought me some of my best friends and helped me create lifelong memories.

Q: What is your favorite memory in your career so far?

A: So many memories go through my mind when I try to think of my favorite career memory on the Golden State Warriors Dance Team. But my mind immediately goes to a piece we recently performed which was inspired by the Greatest Showman. In this piece, I was featured as the ringmaster. With a prior background in jazz, it was nostalgic to put my jazz shoes back on and dance on the court alongside my teammates.

Photo credit: Joshua Leung @joshwleung

Q: Is there anyone along the way you would want to give thanks or recognition to that contributed to the person you are today, professionally?

A: There are two special thanks I would definitely like to give. The first was my business mentor, close friend, and boss, Lisa. She took me under her wing in 2017 and for the past five years has helped shape me into the coach and director I am now. I would be a lost cause without Lisa. My second thanks goes to my coach and director, Sabrina. Not only for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Golden State Warriors Dance Team but as well as trusting me with many opportunities. Sabrina has taught me accountability, time management, and the ins/outs of pro dance. I’m blessed to have a coach that is incredibly passionate about her dancers’ craft and individual growth.

Q: If you could tell one piece of advice to a fellow male dancer looking to break into the industry, what would it be?

A: If there is any male out there with a desire to get into the pro dance industry, go for it! Do not let a “no” set you back, let that “no” fuel your flame and push you even harder. Remember that it’s not about how talented you are, it’s about who are and what you stand for as an individual. If you are preparing for auditions, do your research on the organization, get into audition prep classes, connect with past or current teammates to learn about the expectations and standards, and definitely be ready to show up and SHOW OUT!

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