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Choreographing for the NBA

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A common misconception is that NBA dancers only do hip hop.

Yes, there is an audience for that style - but the fun part about dancing for the NBA at least for me was the diversity of performances. We did country routines, character routines, halftime with Naughty by Nature, and so much more. And another element that contributes to the level of variety? Dancing on a court indoors vs outdoor on turf or field!

So when I choreographed for the Denver Nuggets they requested something different. They wanted less hip hop and something they couldn't get at a convention.

Enter my frantic assortment of ideas (since I planned on doing my go-to: hip hop) and I searched different genres that could be fun. I looked up popular songs like Doja Cat's "Woman," or "Stay" by Beiber. But I had just seen Squid Games and thought... what about Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra?

The Nuggets Dancer Director loved that idea. I mean hey, who else had plans for a routine to that song?! I contacted my favorite DJ @myremixmusic and he whipped something up for me. Nuggets loved it and we created this simple, stylized routine. They added a new uniform, some amazing HEELS, and the crowd LOVED it.

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