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We all know competition in High School and College is so important. And often we are doing our programs a disservice when we don't put that same effort into our game day experience.

In Competition Numbers, we put together:

  • Elaborate staging

  • Interesting Music Mixes

  • Costumes

  • Themes

  • Tricks

  • Surprise Elements

  • and more!

Your game day experience is EQUALLY if not more, important.

Why? Because that is when your student body gets to see you, engage with you, and you often control the energy of the fans watching the game! Additionally, you have way more games than competitions. Those are where the team memories lie. The moment your student body went crazy for that trick, or you shocked them with a piece tied to current events. Why should we short it?

The answer is: we shouldn't.

So what CAN you do?

Well, beef up the plan. In the summer most teams use their practice to condition. Why not beef up your sidelines? Create quarter breaks? Fillers, fan dances, pre-game routines? Do it all and become a staple of your school's game day experience.

And not only that, you will prepare your athletes for PRO DANCE TEAMS, as those are key elements of any NBA, NFL, and other dance teams.

One reason Choreography Wire was created was - as coaches we were tired of the same old camp dances. We didn't feel it connected with our kids in the stands. The songs, the moves, it just wasn't who our brand was. We are a unique staple and wanted to find routines that could keep us and our fans on their toes. So Choreography Wire was born! Affordable game day ready routines with excellent music, style, flow, and exciting fandom! You can learn it from your home, assign the responsibility to captains, make changes for your team easily, and everything downloads directly to your desktop. Pretty sweet.

So whatever your flavor - let's get to creating an excellent GAME DAY EXPERIENCE - your school and your athletes, will thank you!

Written by Jana Blue





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