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Best Apps for Dance Coaches

Let’s talk apps! Coaches are always looking for ways to make their lives easier. These are the Top 10 apps for 2018 that you NEED as a coach!

1. Coach’s Eye is the single best investment of time I have ever used! As a coach you can’t see every section of the routine and remember every mistake made. With this app you can upload videos of individual dancers or of the whole team and RECORD while you play it back. You can draw on the screen, record your corrections by voice, slo-mo, and rewind in one recording. The best part? You can download the video and send it to your team via youtube if it’s long! Remember all those times you gave the same corrections over and over? Those are gone! They will see what you mean now!

2. Spotify has some perks and faults. They always have the latest music, their smart playlists are dead on! And their newest suggestions are so helpful. The downside? A lot of music offered is explicit and there is no way to filter it out. And of course if you want to select your own songs and skip the commercials, you have to pay. But I think it’s worth it! You find the latest hits, and can make a list for work out, practice, junior programs, and more!

3. Google Drive. I can’t tell you how much this has saved me. Save your rosters, contracts, music, and photos in one place. Access it anywhere from any device. Need to collect photos for a slideshow? Send the link to the team! And you have to do LESS! Which is always a plus.

4. TeamSnap - the single best paid investment ever. You can actually track paid tuition, forms that have been turned in, send alerts about a change in location or time, last minute requests to go buy hair pins, ask for availability for a promo, etc! It’s amazing. And you won’t ever look back because your dancers AND parents all have access.

5. Canva - Want to design a flyer and NOT in Word? Look no further. This thing is amazing. And guess what - IT’S FREE.

6/7. iMovie and VideoShop - SO EASY to use. Want to make a teaser for auditions? Use Videoshop to chop it up, add useful keyburns, stock music, and put it in imovie for the trailer formats and title slides - you’re a pro! And this can be free to cheap ($2.00) for life!

8. Typorama makes your photos and announcements WAY more trendy. Use it for free and crop out the logo ;-)

9. Hootsuite can’t be sung enough praises. You can use the free version and add up to three accounts, twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You can auto-schedule posts for optimal reach and schedule up to 40 posts. (More access if paid.) The best part? THERE IS AN APP and a desktop version for use!

10. Polarr is sort of like VSCO but way better. This is for Mac users only. It has so many free filters but such great retouching features! There is a paid version to unlock everything but you can get by just fine with the free version!

So, happy productivity to you! These apps will set you up for a successful season and team campaign! Attract more dancers, and be the most effective coach you can.


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