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Trying Out 101

Probably one of the scariest things you can do is say, "I don't care who sees me or what happens, but I'm going to suit up and tryout for a dance team among every talented, gorgeous, athletic woman I've ever seen."

But it's also the best decision you could ever make. As a former MLL, NBA, and NFL dancer/cheerleader; I'm going to break it down into a few simple steps - to be completed in any order - when auditioning for your favorite dance team.

Research the team

It's so important you get to know who the veterans are, who the coaches are, and what style their team does. Get on the team site, and look them up on social media!

Get in shape

It's not enough to be in your best shape, again get to know what the expectation is by looking up girls on the team. Make sure you get healthy the right way too. Dance auditions are grueling and you need energy. When I tried out for Broncos I was doing Orange Theory or Yoga 3 times a week and eating clean for 2 months before auditions.

Spice up your look

Again, look at the team roster. What is the aesthetic? All-american girl or more of an edgy look? Do they have a tons of blondes? Perhaps consider going brunette. Additionally, ask the director if they have tips for your look by asking them at prep classes.

Take dance classes  - tons of them

Working out is great but you should stay limber and work on your technique. Most teams offer a freestyle or a solo and this is your chance to stand out.

Sign up for prep classes

This is a great way to get to know the style but more importantly, to get noticed. Speak with veterans, coaches, and more. They will remember what they liked and look for you at audition day!

Be your worst critic, and your biggest champion

Don't put coaches or others in the position to tell you what you did wrong should you not make the team. Be critical and know what you need to work on. That comes in handy when you are ON the team too. And even more difficult - cheer yourself on, be kind to other women. Know you are doing your best!

Practice your interview, sports knowledge, and team history

Not every team is heavy on sports or team knowledge but you never know when it can come in handy. Broncos has you take an actual test during finals week, and it's challenging. Study with a friend. Get to know the game. You're auditioning to dance, but also to be an organization ambassador! Interviewing is a chance to know you, for you to impress judges, don't discount its stock in their decision.

Clean up your social media

You might have had a fun night at the bar, but do you want a potential employer to see it? Delete anything you wouldn't want the owner of that organization to see and get the wrong idea. You also don't know who you are friends with that has influence. Clean up you friends list to protect yourself from anyone who could be watching the auditions in an unsafe way (yes this happens). And make sure you are staying positive and neutral.

Following their social media will also ensure that you don't miss prep class and audition announcements!

I hope you find this helpful, and good luck!


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