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Walk It Out Unk Remix - Hip Hop

Walk It Out Unk Remix - Hip Hop


Walk it Out and Two Step compliant mix, a very clean hip hop to wow the crowd!


Style: Hip Hop

Length: 1:02

Level: Intermediate

Choreographer: Jana Blue

Music Compliant: YES

Details: assisted front aerial, spotlight headspring to seat


Check out the music and video demo here.


This download must take place on a desktop computer. In this download you will get:

(1) the music file

(2) a video from the front to music

(3) a video with counts from the front and the back

  • Tech Specs

    In order to complete this download, you will need access to a desktop computer. This download includes a video with instructions and counts from the front and the back, a video with music, and a music file. By purchasing this item you agree the creative license resides with Choreography Wire, LLC and you will not re-distribute.

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