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Pricing Announcement

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

November 1, 2021

To all our friends at Choreography Wire,

Choreography Wire is based on high-quality choreography taught in a way that will benefit your entire team at an affordable price. To accommodate rising prices in the industry like music, production, and site maintenance we will be implementing a modest price increase on existing and forthcoming inventory effective 12/1/2021. Until this policy effective date, you will be able to order and download all existing inventory at current pricing.

What is on the way:

  • New routines from a variety of choreographers in the Nation.

  • New compliant routines with licensed music.

  • Compliant mixes are available at request with the 2021 release.

What to expect:

Non-Compliant Routines: $165

Compliant Routines: $200

December 1st Choreography Wire is releasing 11 incredible routines from your favorite choreographers ranging from Jazz Funk to Trick-filled Hip-Hop. Four routines are made compliant ready. Additionally, we are launching a SUBSCRIPTION series. Valued at $2,400 - YOU SAVE over $1,000!

Enroll at $114 per month ($1,369 annually) and you’ll get one routine per month PLUS a variety of sidelines, education, leadership advice, and special partnership discounts.

Lastly, have you applied for our video store sponsorship opportunity? Check it out here.

Can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!



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