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5 Steps to Time Manage, Like a Boss


A lot of people comment on how much I do - and many wonder how it's possible. Well remember this, we all have as much time in a day as Beyonce, so make it work!

We all have a given name, and then we acquire other names in our lives. Here are mine:



+Program Director



+Admin Assistant












+Pet Mom

I'm sure a few of you can add these to your list as well. So the question is what can we do to manage the most precious thing of all? Our time!

Number one,

watch how you talk to yourself. If you aren't kind to yourself, who will be? The first thing about keeping it together is actually BEING together. And if you're constantly harping on yourself how can you get it together!

#2 get a planner, and color code that sucker.

Seriously. Get a cute planner, and some colorful pens, make yourself a key. And most importantly CARRY IT WITH YOU.

Third, schedule everything.

Like really, this means setting a million alarms and timers. If you need to clean your house. (make a list) and decide how much time you can give yourself. Knock as much out as you can. Need to study? Set a timer for 2 hours and when time is up, it's time for a break. This is how I do everything for choreowire. This blog? I had an hour to put together an email campaign and a blog and here we are!

4 - make lists

Every Sunday, I sit down and write everything I need to do that week:

  1. Laundry

  2. Hair

  3. Dishes

  4. Nails

  5. Baby Food

  6. CW sales

  7. Nationals Plans

  8. Choreograph

  9. Psych homework

  10. Work out 3 times this week

  11. Date Night

I look at my planner for whats on the schedule. If it's a busy day, I know I can't do XYZ so I push to a day I can. If something can wait, it does.. If it can't I delegate or ask for help. Either way we can find the time - if you're organized.

Lastly, delegate

I mentioned it already, delegate. If you have captains, ask what they are interested in helping with? Can they help research something for meals at Nationals this year? Can a parent take on flight shopping? Can your assistant coach handle the schedule? Can your husband take on the baby laundry? What can you do to empower your village? A self-sufficient village is a sane, you! And a sane you, is a better version of all your names and titles.

While you're here:

1. Check out this free playlist (if you have Spotify)

2. Check out this sale:

3. Get a quote for a home camp or intensive!

Thanks, team. I love and appreciate your support. Looking forward to working with you this year!


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